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Exploring The Different Types Of Life Insurance Policies

A.L. Saland Insurance Solutions Inc helps Florida residents find coverage. We offer our clients multiple types of policies to help them protect what matters most. We work with multiple carriers across the state. This allows us to offer flexible policies that fit specific individual situations. We strive to offer exemplary customer service. We look forward to serving you.

A Look At The Different Types Of Life Insurance Policies

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes accidents arise that you aren’t prepared for. During those times of uncertainty, it’s good to have a safety net. Thinking about what your legacy will be after you have passed away is an uncomfortable topic for many people. However, life insurance can assist you in this situation. Life insurance helps you leave a foundation for your loved ones as they try to move forward following your passing. The policy can help your loved ones finalize your funeral arrangements to ensure that you receive proper service. The policy can also help your loved ones settle any leftover affairs that you have. Perhaps you are a Florida business owner and your life insurance policy is designed to help your loved ones run the business after you have passed away. You can also leave something behind for your children to help them pursue their dreams. Here’s a look at the different types of life insurance policies

Term Life Coverage

Term life policies provide coverage during a specific time frame. The minimum time frame for a policy is 5 years while the maximum time frame is 30 years.

Whole Life Coverage

Whole life policies cover you throughout your entire lifetime. This adds a layer of comfort that something will be there for your loved ones if you suddenly pass away.  

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